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Wichita Marijuana Detox

Did you smoke a little reefer while you were on vacation in Colorado and now you have a deadline to clean out your system? Don’t worry… Joose Haus has you covered.

Your body can take as long as 90+ days to “naturally” detox all traces of marijuana from your system. Scary… we know! So… what do you do if you know that you MUST be “clean” by next Monday morning!?!?!?!?! Simple… you call Joose Haus in Wichita at (316)364-3416 and ask about our entire line of Detoxify Brand products that are specially designed to safely and quickly aid your body in shedding unwanted toxins of all kinds including marijuana (THC).

We always keep a stock of marijuana detox drinks, marijuana detox pills, marijuana detox capsules and even marijuana detox shampoos as well as marijuana detox mouthwash.

Joose Haus sells industry leading Detoxify Brand products along with a few others that ensure we can help almost EVERYONE no matter how “dirty” they might be. You see the pricing for our Detoxify Brand products listed on our PRICING page.

For your own peace of mind, be sure to grab a couple of our Cheap $5 Drug Tests while you’re at it…. you’ll thank us later.

– Team Joose Haus

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