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Wichita “Juice House”

Yes, that is how you pronounce our name… “Juice House”.

So… why did we choose to spell our name so crazy? Do we think that we will get more business in Wichita, Ks by spelling the name of our business funny as opposed to calling it “Wichita Juice House”??? Do we think we are clever??? Did we spell our name this way just to stand out and make people talk about us??? Does “Joose Haus” have any special meaning other that Juice House???

Please allow us to answer all of the above questions as efficiently as we can as we have a lot of “joose” to make…

1. It’s a secret.
2. Not necessarily.
3. Yes.
4. Yep.
5. Nope.

We hope that clears everything up.

– Team Joose Haus